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Our values

Our Mission

Constantly working together to improve the lives of children and young people by protecting, supporting and enabling them to thrive.

Our Values

Our vision has always been that every child in Slough should be Safe, Secure and Successful. To help achieve this, our mission is that we should all be constantly working together to improve the lives of children and young people by protecting, supporting and enabling them to thrive. Our values, which all our staff and partner agencies are expected to work towards, from those in the back office to those on the frontline can be seen below.

Slough Children's Services Trust's values


Committed to outcomes for children and their families which ensure they are safe, secure and successful; putting the voice of the child at the heart of everything we do and delivering customer-driven services, in collaboration with our colleagues and partners; working to improve lives and ensure effective safeguarding; offering the right support needed; working efficiently, so resources can be maximised for our children, young people and families; ensuring clear and appropriate communication.

Honest and respectful

Being honest and respectful, as part of an inclusive culture where our communication is always professional; where everyone counts and knowledge of families and individuals, including cultural identity, along with their feedback and opinions are respected and recognised; a working environment where disrespectful and unprofessional behaviour is challenged; transparency and accountability in all decision-making.

Improving constantly

Aspiring to achieve our vision through our everyday work, strong leadership and management; working to develop as a organisation and as individuals; a learning culture which reviews best practice, learns from mistakes  and ensures customers have suitable opportunities to feed back and uses all available insight to measure progress and implement change; working flexibly to deliver the best value-for-money services.

Looking ahead

Moving in the same direction with an ambition to provide excellent services, based on insight and smart working, while keeping the voice of the child at the heart of our organisation benchmarking, horizon- scanning and anticipating challenges;  working to identify opportunities to be cost-effective and future proof our organisation; identifying challenges and working towards solutions.

Delivering together

Working as one through solid teamwork to deliver the best services for children and young people; taking ownership and responsibility to ensure individuals, teams and the wider organisation delivers on aims; building strong relationships with all our customers to secure the best outcomes to make our children safe, secure and successful; connecting with other teams and partners to enhance services and improve efficiency.